Laundromat: a real business investment

Investing in a self-service laundry store is to make a small business investment in a profitable, sustainable and recession-resistant activity!


• Invest in a profitable and easy business to start!

Constant demand for washing, a basic needGlobally, self-service laundries recorded an average return on investment of 20 to 25%*. The fact that the investment in the commercial activity is limited makes it possible to reach such an important profitability.

• A constant demand

The exceptional success of the laundromat business is mainly due to the constant demand for this type of service. Doing the laundry is a basic need. Therefore, customer loyalty for self-service laundries is not related to economic fluctuations.

Cash business

Self-service laundries do only authorize payments in cash (or by payment card). This simplifies accounting operations greatly as it means having a healthy cash flow due to the complete absence of outstanding payments.

• No personnel costs

Without personnel & cash payments mainlyCash payments involve payment terminals. However, the Speed Queen advanced technology allows to manage them remotely, the same as the whole machinery. Personnel costs are then minimal, because no physical presence is required.

Investing in a Speed Queen laundry is to invest in a modern business enterprise, simple and little time-consuming.

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